How to Stop Snoring:

  • Custom Molding Mouthpiece

    Molds to your mouth in just 30 seconds
  • Stop Snoring Immediately

    Stop snoring the minute you put the SnoreDoc in your mouth
  • Comfortable Wear

    Unlike other devices, the SnoreDoc is comfortable and versatile to fit any mouth
  • Affordable At nearly half the price of other snoring aids, we offer great value
  • Durable Our high quality, soft rubber texture is durable and will last you years

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How to stop Snoring ?

Isn't it about time you STOPPED snoring in its tracks!
how to stop snoring now
  • The Best Anti Snoring Device

    Use out of the box or custom mold to your mouth in minutes.
  • Get A Better Night's Sleep

    Eliminate waking yourself or others and get the peaceful sleep you deserve.
  • Anti Snoring Mouthpiece

    Get one for home and one for travel, or maybe one for your partner.
  • Affordable Snoring Solutions

    Don't be fooled by our competitors. We offer the highest quality at the lowest prices!
  • How to Stop Snoring ComfortablySoft rubber texture that allows maximum comfort and effectiveness
snoring mouthpiece review
anti snoring mouthpiece review
stop snoring
  • Get a healthier nights sleep

  • Sleep Apnea Treatment

  • Wake up energized

  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Works immediately so try it NOW to stop snoring TONIGHT
Snoredoc Works - Consumer Satisfaction Guaranteed.

What are the causes of snoring?

snoring causes

If somebody told you that singing helps to get rid of snoring issues, you may think that the person is kidding you. But the fact is, singing exercises the throat muscles, and is truly a natural way to reduce snoring.

However, snoring causes may vary from person to person, and singing or other natural therapies may not work out to eliminate all sorts of snoring issues. Snoring is caused by obstructions in air movement during sleep. Here is some helpful information on how you can stop snoring using our Snoring Mouthpiece.

The throat muscles relax while we sleep, and the disturbed airflow vibrates the soft pal ates in the upper airway, resulting in the harsh buzzing sound. Unwanted fat accumulation in the throat area, or a weak throat that collapses on the airway, are the common snoring causes. However, there are many other snoring causes, which include clogging of nasal passage by secretion of mucous, improper positioning of the jaw, allergies, and smoking and drinking habits.

SnoreDoc’s mouthpiece is designed for maximum comfort:
  • Thermo-plastic mouthpiece molds to the shape of your mouth for maximum comfort and effectiveness
  • Innovative technology to allow your mouth to move freely
  • Effective immediately- right when you insert the SnoreDoc Mouth Guard!
snoring mouthpiece
Customer Satisfaction Guarantee using the SnoreDoc

SnoreDoc has been proven to help treat snoring problems. SnoreDoc displayed that the material used for the mouth guard is safe and effective for all intent purposes in order to be sold to the consumers. The best part of the SnoreDoc? We back our snoring mouthpiece with a 100% money back guarantee, so there is really no risk! Get the SnoreDoc Mouthpiece today and help get a better night’s sleep TONIGHT!

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Rated 4.5/5 based on 18 reviews
The SnoreDoc is the Best Choice

If you have issues with snoring or sleep apnia, you may have seen some commericals and advertisements for multiple snoring mouthpieces that all claim to help you with your snoring. The reality is that each snoring mouthpiece has its own pro's and cons, but none of the snoring aids are as effective or as comfortable as SnoreDoc; our innovative and trademarked Custom Molding Snoring Mouthpiece is unique and comfortable. It will help you adjust to sleeping with a mouth guard quickly and help you and other around you get a better nights sleep. Why wait? We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the mouthpiece. You've got nothing to lose!

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about snoredoc
The SnoreDoc Custom Molds to fit
in your mouth comfortably
all about the SnoreDoc
Thermoplastic technology optimized
for maximum comfort from day 1!
all about the SnoreDoc
Backed by our 100% money
back guarantee
stop snoring mouthpiece
Why the Original Snore Doc?

According to the Vancouver Sleep and Breathing Center 40% of people who are 40 and older snore. Snoring can be noisy, uncomfortable, and keep you and your partner form getting a good nights rest. Many people believe that snoring is a passive behavior beyond control, but Snore Doc is the long term snoring solution.

There are many over the counter snoring medications available that claim to help, but they only offer short term relief. In many cases, snoring is a preliminary sign of sleep apnea, which is a sleep disorder characterized by pauses in breathing while asleep.

» The SnoreDoc vs our Competition

Specialists recommend using a anti-snoring mouthpiece to sleep better at night and Snore Doc is the leading brand in the industry. The Snore Doc works by allowing your jaw to remain forward, which reduces pressure on the soft palate and widens the airway. When the airway is widened, air can flow freely and snoring is effectively eliminated.

Testimonials »

"After my husband received his SnoreDoc in January, we were finally able to get a restful nights sleep. Not sure what it does, but this seems to work! Would recommend to my friends."

- Melinda H, Fremont, CA

"I had a great experience with Snore Doc. The mouthpiece reduced my snoring down to "heavy breathing"  even after I drink alcohol. The Snore Doc worked for us and we are glad we had got it."

- Joshua N, St. Louis, MO

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